Beder-Malling, Denmark

Interview with Knud Madsen, Beder-Malling

Knud Madsen did the layout and marking of the fields from beginning to end at his grounds. When asked about his experience working with TinyLineMarker, he replied:

“It is like being in heaven. For the past 20 years, the first marking has always been a hassle. Five or six people from the area and the municipality would work hard and spend many hours measuring with cords and tape measures, calculating angles to premark the pitches. It was a nightmare. With TinyLineMarker you just select and place the pitch on the tablet. Then you start the robot and within 20 minutes you have a marked football pitch. And the markings are straight.”

Madsen also talked about using the tablet: “In the beginning it was an ordeal. I am by no means a computer geek. But seeing how easy it was to place a pitch was a fantastic experience. It is a whole new way of working. New layouts, because of puddles or damaged areas, give you much more flexibility in designing the best layout for the pitch. Even today we had to change layout due to damage from moles. With the GPS tablet, it was quite easy to see on the satellite image where the pitches would fit. If in doubt, you do a test run around the outlines to see if there are any problems with trees or bushes. It is a very clever system. The size and weight of the robot impressed me. Even one person can carry the robot to and from a van. It is compact enough to fit in any van or trailer. Thank you for letting me use the system. I hope that many others get to experience your robot."